Carles Pina i Estany

Python/Django portfolio

This is the selection of application that I have been working on recently.

For more information about other code that I have contributed to different projects: see the Software section on my homepage.

GitHub logo Swiss Polar Institute project-application

In September 2019 we started a project at the Swiss Polar Institute to build a platform where scientists are able to submit funding proposals. SPI then uses the application to evaluate the proposals, manage projects throughout their lifetime and view summary statistics.

Calls for proposals during 2020 have used the project-application and historic projects have now been imported and are being managed using the application.

We integrated this with the SPI Media Gallery and web.

GitHub logo Swiss Polar Institute spi-media-gallery

The Swiss Polar Institute is able to search for photos using tags, photographer, license and locations. This Django application provides easy access to over 45.000 of photos and 3 TB of videos.

Media were resized from different formats to provide a selection of different file sizes and stored into an internal object storage. Metadata such as tags were imported into the database from XMP files.

The media gallery is used by SPI to create outreach material. External journalists have also used the gallery to create documentaries.

GitHub logo Frictionless Data schema-collaboration

I received a Frictionless Data Tool Fund to build a tool with which data managers and researchers collaborate to describe datasets. Describing datasets with the Frictionless Data schema improves their re-usability and is another step towards reproducible science.

schema-collaboration integrates Data Package Creator with a Django application allowing creation and management of datapackages. In order to make the application easy to evaluate and deploy it is packaged in Docker.


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